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Unique Garden Ideas – How To Decorate A Garden

Decorations are to gardens as ornaments are to a Christmas tree. They give it life, uniqueness, a theme and character. By embellishing your garden with unusual trinkets, you add another dimension to the area. Garden ornaments can dictate the feel and use of your garden. They can make it feel whimsical or mysterious, and always inviting to you and your guests. Here are some unique garden ideas you can use to create that fanciful oasis you’ve always wanted. I’ve also included places to purchase some of the items and pictures to illustrate decorative options.

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Think Outside The Box – Attic or Basement

As consumers, we have purchased and collected so many things. After a while, they usually end up in storage. My first suggestion is to not spend money, but explore your closets, attic and basement to find that special and unique accessory. Here are some suggestions for the garden.

An old door knocker that can be attached to a wall or fence

Metal remains of benches used solely as decoration or as a plant hanger

An old metal gift basket or tub filled with river rock (be sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage)

A metal wheelbarrow filled with pots of flowers or soil and plants (drill holes in the bottom for drainage)

An old metal wagon (in my childhood they were always red)

Any metal object can be repurposed for the garden. You can decorate with a particular theme, such as old world charm, or just have an eclectic collection of ornaments. Be sure to spray the items with an enamel sealer or other waterproofing coating to preserve them from the elements.

Flea Market Finds – Great Sunday Morning Activity

I love searching flea markets. You can usually haggle with the seller to get a better price and find some unique treasures. Listed here are some flea market finds. Trellis or Arbors – Used at the entrance to your garden or as a stand alone addition. Adorn it with hanging pots, twinkle lights, climbing vines Benches made from wood and metal – be sure to waterproof with the appropriate coating Wagons – Flyer brand is a good find Old magazine rack for planting flowers Weather vane Chiminea Metal bistro set Open mesh metal baskets filled with annuals to hang from an arbor Vintage bottles vertically attached with rope and hung from a tree limb or arbor Light fixture replaced with a candle for mood lighting in the evening

Your really need to think outside the box with flea market purchases. I once bought an old, airy CD rack and am now using it as a support for my peonies!

Anything that strikes your fancy can be spotlighted in a garden. Set it on top of a table. Hang it from a fence or a tree limb. Place it on top of a piece of slate to highlight it. You don’t always have to repurpose it for a plant or flower. The sky’s the limit when you go to a flea market. If you like it, and it’s weather resistant, there’s always a place to feature it in your garden.

Unique Garden Ideas – Purchases

There is an endless supply of unique trinkets that you can purchase from stores. Lowes and Home Depot have a few items for the garden, but if you want really unique finds, peruse Etsy, garden centers, or the internet where you can google unique items for the garden. Here are just a few outstanding items for your garden to make it as unique as you.

Purchase Unique Garden Gifts From Etsy

Kenroy Two Tiered Fountain

Fountains – These come in all sizes and varieties. Nothing adds more zen than a fountain. Close your eyes and be taken away to a babbling brook nestled away from society in the rural mountains of the Adirondacks, or an exotic tropical rain forest on the island of Antigua.

Bird houses

Hanging water fountains

Hummingbird feeders – These are wonderful additions to any garden. Not only are they pretty but they bring such excitement when a hummingbird finally finds your sugar water. Here is a recipe for a hummingbird feeder.

Source – Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute


  • refined white sugar
  • water


  • Mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water (ex: 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water)
  • Do NOT add red dye. (the dye could impair hatching and/or cause skin and bill tumors)
  • Fill your feeder with the mixture
  • Store extra sugar water in refrigerator
  • Change and clean feeders every other day to prevent mold growth

====<Click Here For More Information On Hummingbirds and Butterflies>====

Homemade Creation – A Birdhouse From A Gourd

Let your creativity shine. Every couple of years I create homes for house wrens from a gooseneck gourd. The following YouTube video explains how to create one. However, before you start painting or cutting the gourd, be sure to let it dry out. I purchase them in the Autumn and then let them sit outside through the winter. When spring comes, the insides will have dried out and the outside will have hardened. You can usually tell when it’s ready to be worked on when the gourd is light in weight.

In the video they use a drill bit for drilling round holes or a steak knife to cut out the circle. I have a hole bit that is attached to a drill and it is much easier to work with. A one inch diameter hole will work well for this size bird. Use a slightly larger one if you’d like to attract larger birds like sparrows.

I’ve only seen sparrows or house wrens use this type of home. If you purchase a larger gourd, you may attract larger birds like robin red breasts or cardinals. Remember to enlarge the hole if you plan on luring these types of birds. Having a gourd in your garden is a great way to teach your children about birds and nature.

I hope you have learned some unique garden ideas from this post. As you can see, you don’t always need to purchase things for your garden. Just think outside the box and use your creativity. We all have it, it just needs to be awakened!

Happy Gardening!


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