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This Too Shall Pass

Long Time Ago


Years ago when my three children were aged 6, 9, and 12, I became pregnant with my fourth child. She was a bit of an oops baby. We were just beginning the stage of semi-having our lives back, since our three children were more or less self-sufficient, when here I was pregnant with a fourth child.


Once our dear little girl was born, we were back to diapers, sleepless nights, numerous doctors’ appointments….a total upheaval of life. I remember one evening visiting our friends whose children were practically all grown and out of the house. We were having a lovely dinner until our little wonder began crying uncontrollably to the point where we had to leave the wonderful company of two adults for whose lives we yearned. As we were leaving, my girlfriend said, “this too shall pass”.




Those four little words came back to me the other day while I was taking a lone walk through the park in order to sweep away cabin fever. After all, we had been quarantined for a couple of weeks due to a coronavirus scare in our household even before the governor of our state declared a “stay at home” directive.


While I was walking I noticed a notebook opened to a page on the path I was taking. It read “this too shall pass”. I didn’t dare lift it up for fear of contracting the disease through paper transmission, I’m not sure that is possible though, so I left it there for others to see and ponder.

My Wish-This Too Shall Pass

My wish for everyone is to see the notebook on their contemplative walks and realize that yes, this too shall pass. There have been times, usually in the middle of the night when my mind wanders, when one thinks of the most bizarre things, mostly of all the egregious influences this virus could have on our lives….to the point where I am in a bit of a panic attack!

But after seeing and remembering those four little words, I realize that yes, one way or another this too shall pass. We, (I), have to remember to keep the faith, follow the rules, be smart, listen to factual news, (but not too much!), and use good common sense and we will be alright….just like all those diaper changes and zombie days from sleepless nights passed years ago.

So for now dear friends, please stay safe, keep in touch with loved ones, find a new hobby, enjoy your time at home and remember this too shall pass.

Beautiful blue seas with a white sailed sailboat

May the serenity of the water keep you calm and content.

Keep Well!!

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