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Review: Upgraded Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit/ Is It Worth It?

(Upgraded Pump) Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit
  • Price: $46.99 to $73.06

  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Check Amazon (prices may vary)

  • Size of Container: 8.7 x 6.85 x 3.7 inches Guarantee: could not find guarantee but customers have said the product is backed by the manufacturer

  • My Rating: 4 out of 5

Review: Top Irrigation Kit – But Is It Tops?
When you’re on vacation, you want to make sure your plants will survive the time you are gone without having to hassle a neighbor or someone else to water your plants. Here is a review of the (Upgraded Pump) Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit that should water your plants with ease and also keep you relaxed on your vacation. It is suggested, though, that you try it before going away.
This kit claims to keep up to 15 plants watered properly on a specified timer that the owner programs. It can supply 800ml of water per minute to all the plants connected to the system and runs automatically following the programming.
It runs on 4 AA batteries or a USB charge. They could be run individually or simultaneously. If they are run at the same time, the charge uses the USB connection first and will kick into battery mode if you lose power. Hence, you extend the life of your batteries, and presumably it will never stop working unless of course the batteries run out of juice during a power failure.
There is no need to reprogram the system because it has a memory and will keep the program and settings even when the power is turned off.
Instructions for kit
How Does It Work?
All reports say it is easy to use and operate. The process includes installing the water supply pipe and drip tip to the automatic watering system and programming it according to your needs. The watering cycle and timer are manually programmed on the device. It is suggested you group plants with the same water requirements together. It does not have a separate adjustment for different sized containers. Also, while programming the system, consider how many plants you are watering and how much water you will need in the reservoir (bucket). Then, set the watering cycle and watering timer. Finally, insert the dripping tip into the pot, connect the water source, and then turn on the system.
The instructions recommend that you place the water source close to the plants to prevent too much siphoning. Also, put the spikes that contain the dripping tips deep into the soil for sufficient watering and, if the plants are large, insert a dripper connection to supply enough water.
Users are also advised to try the unit before you go away, which sounds like great advice to me! Also, be sure to connect both the AA batteries and the USB charger to the system to prevent the system from failing during a power outage.
Here Are Some Pros Regarding The Product
The Automatic Drip System seems easy to set up so even someone like me, who is not very tech savvy, could probably tackle it. It also is small in size so it will fit in small areas.

I like how it comes with all the needed parts to run the system. These include:

  • 32 foot hose

  • 15 piece irrigation drippers

  • 14 piece 3-way joints

  • a 2 piece 4 way joint

  • 1 filter/high powered, upgraded pump that has 5 times more the power than the prior model

  • a hard copy manual (which I like!)

  • a digital PDF manual

The system has 15 faucets that are spread far enough apart to accommodate many pots. It is also designed to reduce the amount of water wasted by up to 70% when compared to other systems with sprayers.

The device allows programming the system at varying intervals, and it will store the programs on the timer so you will not have to reprogram it each time you use the device.
Many owners were completely satisfied with the product and thought it was easy to set up and use.
So What Are the Cons??

Siphoning Problems – but this can be solved

After researching the product, I found a few snags. The biggest issue was the device not siphoning the water correctly from the water source. According to most accounts, you need to place the water supply below the pump (which is not stated in the instructions). This will allow it to siphon properly without overwatering your plants. One suggestion is to keep the bucket of water on the floor and the pump on the table.
Lack of Indicator Light
Another hitch was the fact that the device had no indicator light regarding seconds, minutes, hours or days. It lit up once started but then the light went out even though it was still working. So it was confusing for some to tell whether or not the system was still running and to determine which setting was in use.
Product Effectiveness and Benefits
After researching the (Upgraded Pump) Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit, I feel the product will perform as advertised. You will be able to travel without worrying about coming home to dead plants. I would use this if I were going away and had no one to water my plants.
My daughter visits us 2 to 3 weeks at a time and is always concerned about her plants. I plan to recommend this system to her. However, I will ask her to try it out for a week while she is at home to ensure the system works smoothly.
The device comes with instructions and there are YouTube videos to watch regarding the installation.
Even though there are some cons I am still going to rank it 4 out of 5.
I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know how it works for you.
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You can purchase the (Upgraded Pump) Big Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit here.
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