Review: 50-Plant Garden Tower 2 – What’s All The Hype?

Review: Garden Tower Project 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

  • Product Name: Garden Tower 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

  • Price: $359.00

  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Garden Tower Project

  • Size of Container: 43″ tall by 24.5″ wide; 36 lbs (around 220 lbs. with soil)

  • Guarantee: 5 year manufacturer’s warranty against defective parts

  • My Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0



Many people do not have access to good quality fruits and vegetables due to lack of grocery stores and/or space to grow a garden. If you are in need of good yummy vegetables and do not have enough space to grow them, consider purchasing the 50-Plant Garden Tower 2. In this post you will learn how 50-Plant Garden Tower 2 can help produce quality fruits and vegetables for people who do not have the space to grow quality food and/or for those who do not live close to farm stands. I will touch on both the pros and cons of this product.


What is a garden tower?


A garden tower is a cylindrical, tall tower that houses multiple plants. This particular tower is a rotating tower that can grow 50 plants at a time and is a composter of natural kitchen waste. It is 4 square feet of a garden planter and composter that mimics a natural ecosystem. The tower allows the plants to access nutrients recycled through an organic composting process.

Is It Environmentally Safe?


It is made from non-toxic BPA and PVC free plastics and is manufactured in the United States. It has been FDA approved for the dyes used in the product and for the UV protection antioxidant packaging for health, durability and recyclability.


Because it is made of BPA and PVC free plastics, the product does not seep any harmful chemicals into the plants you choose to grow.


It ships through UPS, FEDEX, and USPS in 3 to 6 business to the lower 48 states in the US. They also ship to select European countries and have distributers in Australia and Canada. It’s classified as oversized and 80 to 90 pound rates apply.

How Does It Work?


The tower uses 6 to 7 cubic feet of good organic potting mix to grow quality fruits, vegetables, or flowers. It also uses kitchen compost and worms to create its own organic fertilizer. You can grow the food on your patio, balcony or deck. The tower is very compact so you do not need a lot of space to store the product.


It has a compost tube down the center where kitchen organic waste is added. In order for the waste to decompose, add 250 to 300 red wiggler worms in the center tube as you add kitchen waste. As an alternative, add 25 to 50 earth worms in the soil column where they eventually find their way to the area where they are best used. They can be bought at any bait shop.


After adding water as directed (follow the instructions), the composting process begins. After awhile remove the excess water from the bottom drain compartment and pour that back into the soil. There are plenty of nutrients in the water solution that nourishes the plant.

50-Plant Garden Tower Benefits


There are many benefits besides being small and compact for people living in an apartment with a balcony or in a small town with a small plot of land.


It grows the fruits and vegetables faster than traditional plantings because it adds a steady stream of nutrients to the roots of the plants.


There is not much of a need for pest control for it seems to be pest resistant due to the fact that you plant 4 to 5 plants on the top. These plants seem to squeeze out the possibility of attracting unwanted insects.


It reduces back pain when pruning the plants because it stands tall and you don’t have to bend down. You could also use a seat while pruning. Since it has a strong ball bearing near its base, it is easy to swivel with only one hand.


It produces quality fruits, vegetables and flowers due to the compost component of the tower.

If it did not come assembled, it is extremely easy to assemble without tools, and there are many YouTube videos explaining how to put the tower together.


You can purchase specific casters to attach to the base of the tower in order to move it from place to place.


The compost does not smell because of its compact characteristic. Plants at the top of the tower mask the odor and keep it contained in the soil.

Product Support


The website has videos explaining the product and suggested planting arrangements for fruits and/or vegetables.


Some Disadvantages


If you decide to grow eggplants or extra large annual flowers, it will need a grow cage to support the weight of the fruit, vegetable or flower.


It is also not good for any type of vine plant because of the size of the area for each particular plant.


The most notable drawback is the price. But if you have the where-with-all to save your change, then I think it is worth it. (It’s amazing how much loose change accumulates over a period of time!)


Even though the price is high, they predict it will last years due to its sturdy composition and secure assemblage. There are also promo codes and coupons to be found on the web if you google “garden tower project coupon”.

So What’s The Verdict?


There are many advantages to the Garden Tower 2 – 50 Plant Composting Vertical Garden. It produces nutritious vegetables and fruits and beautiful flowers in less the time of traditional gardening. The tower is very compact and can be used on small balconies, patios, decks, or any place where there is limited space. It is also easy to assemble and comes with instructions for easy assemblage.


Yes, the price is high, but if you are an avid gardener and have downsized to a smaller home with less area to plant fruits, vegetables, and flowers, then this may be the product for you.


My rating is 4.9 out of 5. I rated it 4.9 only because of the price. This could be a wonderful gift for your special person who loves to garden.


You can purchase this product at Garden Tower Project.


If you have any questions or comments regarding Garden tower 2 – 50 Plant Composting Vertical Garden, please leave them below. I’d love to hear how you made out.


Happy Gardening,



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