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Outdoor Halloween Decorating – Images of Decor and More

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the time when all the precious little ghouls and goblins appear together on one magical night and sprinkle chilling entertainment throughout the town. It’s the time when people can leave their identity behind and transform into alter egos.


What better way to enhance this spine-chilling evening than with outdoor Halloween decorating? Through creating DIY decorations, scavaging local farmstands for natural decor, and purchasing a few unusual trinkets, you can transform your front door, porch and aging backyard and/or frontyard gardens into a haunted extravaganza.


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DIY Projects

Make DIY ghosts for your front yard.

A female ghoul surrounded by cobwebs

Create a floating ghost to place on your front porch.

Hanging ghosts on a front door
Floating ghosts hanging from trees

Make a life size spooky witch for your yard or porch.

Female ghoul behind a gate

Door Decor and More.


Here are some ideas that will welcome your guests with a bit of a fright!


Front Door


Add some store bought spiders and bats. Go to your local farmer’s market to complement them with chrysanthemums and scarecrows. Check out, How To Grow Chrysanthemums, to keep them looking fresh throughout the fall season.

Chrysanthemums flanking a walkway

Hang a scary looking witch on your front door.

A witch greeting guests

Side Window


Add a skeleton scene to a long window in your home.

Skeletons ready for a meal at a table

Here are some creepy cat eyes to illuminate your window!

Cat eyes in a window

Front Porch

Tomb stones always add a little fun to the season.

Tomb stones in a garden

Add an audio effect with some creepy sounding ghouls.

Skeletons sitting on a front porch

Outdoor lights add a spooky ambience. Replace the white bulbs with black or purple bulbs for a ghostly effect.

Outdoor lighting can light up a porch
Cobwebs wrapped around a porch

Decorate Your House


There is nothing like ghouls and grim reapers to add some more fright!

Ghouls and grim reapers hanging from a wall

Halloween Outdoor Scenes

A witch stirring a cauldron with skeleton heads watching
Gretel from Hanzel and Gretel speaking to the witch

Spiders attached to black creepy gauze make it easy to decorate your home

A witch sewing on a sewing machine with a tarantula watching


Skulls and window coverings are an easy way to create a Halloween scene

Twinkle lights illuminate a witch scene


Add a Halloween flag and some bales of hay to an outdoor shed

Decorated shed with twinkle lights

More ghouls and mummies, and coffins!

A mummy in a coffin

You can’t have enough witches!

Witches and spiders on a front porch

Crazy Creatures

These scary creatures will add a fright to your front yard. Try adding some zombies!

Multiple zombies scattered on a front yard
Creepy Halloween creatures Tim Burton style

More costume faces to create a frightening scene

Scary Alice in Wonderland characters

Creepy zombies

Zombies in the front yard


Other Ideas – Pumpkins and Broomsticks and Witches, Oh My!


It’s easy to create different scenes on a pumpkin by using stencils and proper carving tools.

Jack-o-lanterns formed from stencils

Hang some broomsticks from trees for a spooky scene

Broomsticks hanging from trees


Free standing witches will keep from year to year

A witch with lit up eyes

Outdoor Halloween Decorating


As you can see there are many ways to decorate for Halloween. You can go the easier, more economical route and create your own decorations, or purchase a few accessories that will enhance your look.


Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it.


Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the season.


One activity we as a family like to do with friends is have a BYOP–Bring Your Own Pumpkin party. We supply carving utensils and stencils along with some pizza and everyone brings their own pumpkins. The young kids love it!


We also supply some Fresh Mulled Apple Cider.



  • 1 gallon apple cider from a farm stand or supermarket

  • 5 to 6 cinnamon sticks

  • 1 tsp of nutmeg

  • 1 tsp of ground cloves


  1. Add all ingredients into a large pot over an open fire pit or on a stove.

  2. Steep for at least one hour.

  3. Sift the brew.

  4. Serve with a cinnamon stick as is, or add a splash of rum for a little kick. (Adults only if you add rum!)

At the end of the evening, we illuminate and display all the creations on a table and turn on a fog machine to add a spooky ambience. We then tell scary ghost stories around a firepit. It’s always so much fun!

Creepy woman surrounded by ghoulish creatures in a fog covered forest

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Happy Halloween!



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