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Gardening Gifts For Mom – Time Well Spent!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about that special gift for that special someone, your mom. I have gardened most of my life. After I became a mom of 4, my children often gave me a garden gift on Mother’s Day. However, I usually received a flat of flowers or a container of tulips or whatever flower they found at the local supermarket. Not to say I wasn’t happy and grateful for these gifts, I just wish they had given it more thought if it was going to be a gardening gift. (A Disclaimer….many of the other gifts they gave me were fantastic! And of course, it’s the thought that counts!)

Here are some suggestions for unique gardening gifts for mom for any occasion. I hope you find some of them a little extraordinary.

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Time To Spend With Mom – Time is Precious

Instead of buying your mom something, how about spending an entire day with her! Mother’s Day is usually the time when azaleas are in full bloom. One suggestion is to find an Azalea Festival around the area where you live. Google azalea festivals in your area and see what comes up. If there isn’t one close by, a local park will probably feature beautiful azaleas in bloom. You just may have to do a little research.

If you have the time, inclination, and money, how about going on a road trip to an Azalea Festival? Many moms would really enjoy that!

It’s Picnic Time

Gardening Gift For Mom

Make a day of it by packing a picnic lunch and surprising her with a bouquet of white carnations. Did you know that white carnations symbolize unconditional love and good luck? If you prefer a different color, try pink carnations. They represent a mother’s love. You could set them up in a small vase on the picnic blanket next to the delicious food you’ll supply.

The food could be as simple as buying a hoagie (or sub as they say in other parts of the USA) from your favorite deli. One bonus of presenting her with carnations is that they are the longest lasting cut flowers, so she’ll be able to enjoy these beauties for a few weeks.

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It’s Garden Time

How about presenting her with a flat of unusual annuals and then spend time planting them with her? You could both share ideas as to where to plant them and she could perhaps teach you a thing or two about gardening!

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You could also give her a gardening roll and kneeler if she doesn’t already have one. Again, spend a few hours with her planting or even tidying up her garden. I’m sure she’d appreciate the help.

It’s Hiking Time

Hiking is a wonderful pastime. It’s good for the cardiovascular system and helps you to commune with nature. While hiking notice the different flowers popping out of the ground and the various leaves bursting on tree limbs and branches.

While you’re hiking, why not ask her about her life when she was a child? There are so many things you could learn from her. My husband and I both wish our moms were still here so we could ask them about their youth and young adulthood. We both regret not doing so before they passed.

Community Activities

Community Gardens

Everyone loves vegetables, at least they should! Farm fresh vegetables are wonderful in the summer. They supply you with natural nutrients that help maintain good immune and digestive systems. Why not join a community garden with your mom? There are many in the country and they will provide you with fresh ingredients for delicious salads throughout the summer.

Most community gardens are established as allotment plots.

That means a family or individual rents an area in a garden and plants their own vegetables. It is maintained by the individual and you reap the benefits of the harvest during the course of the season. Only you can harvest your food. Perhaps you could pay the seasonal rent as a gift to your mom.

Some community gardens have sections that are maintained by the entire community and the produce is donated to local food banks. It’s a great way for your mother to get involved with neighbors. It will help keep her social by meeting new friends, spending more time outdoors, and improving her mind and body. She’ll also enjoy the time with you!

Garden Clubs

Surprise her with names of people who belong to a garden club in her area. Have information regarding when, where, and what they do in the neighborhood. Plan to go with her for the first, or the first few meetings. This is important especially if she is not an extrovert but enjoys gardening.

Tech Support! Anything For Mom!

YouTube Videos

There are many garden channels on YouTube. The focus of the channels ranges from the simplest of gardens to the most involved. I enjoy watching shows on English gardens. All have a distinct look. Some are of the geometric, straight-lined, extremely manicured variety and others are the natural flowing, overabundant, free form flowers of the English cottage look.

Help your mom find these shows and subscribe to them. I never knew how to do that until one of my children showed me. Remember, some of us are dinosaurs and not tech savvy.

Creating YouTube Videos

I suppose creating a video is as easy as taping yourself on the phone and posting it to YouTube. However, it may be a little more involved to set up comments, followings, and subscribe buttons. She’ll also need someone to tape her. This is where children step up. They could help her complete these tasks much more quickly than if she was to watch tutorials on the issue.

Creating A Website On Gardening

If your mom loves to garden, has the time, and would like to share her ideas with others she may be interested in creating her own website. This probably sounds like a daunting task if she is not tech savvy, but if you help her get started, she’ll probably be eternally grateful. Platforms like Wix and WordPress are wonderful platforms that teach you how to create a website. It trains you by taking baby steps from beginning to end. With your help though, she can accomplish this much quicker. It’s also another great activity that you and she could do together.

You could always share this website with her!

Gardening Gifts For Mom – Let’s Go Shopping!

If you are the type of person who likes to give gifts, here are some examples of gardening gifts for mom.

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Hummingbird Feeder –

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More Birds Ruby Hummingbird Feeder

Wind Chimes –

Garden Tower Project Home

Pollinators– Hanging Bee House

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Happy Mom, Happy Life!

Mom’s love to spend time with their kids for birthdays, Mother’s Day, any holiday, or any time. Why not treat her with one of the ideas presented in this post? I know she’ll appreciate it.

Please let me know how you made out and leave a comment or question below.

Happy Shopping OR Planning!


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