Life Empty Nesting


here are many ways to communicate. One can use texts, e-mails, instagram, tweets, blogs or whatever else is out there unbeknownst to me, the old-timer, who enjoys using snail mail. Just ask our children or anyone in the millennial generation whatever group, and I’m sure they could identify a gazillion other means of communication using the internet.


Whatever one’s preference though, the bottom line is communication is essential; not only for educational purposes but to quench and replenish our spirits. All humans, and animals dare I say, need to communicate.


Consequences of No Communication


Without communication there is more depression, loneliness and isolation which can lead to very unhealthy outcomes and in some cases maybe suicide. Many atrocities that have occurred in our country have been rooted in hatred. From where does this hatred originate? I believe from lack of communication and fear of communicating. One has to wonder if only all people of different color, race, ethnicity, and religion or spirituality would just sit and have an open and truthful dialogue, our world would not be in such chaos.


People are too busy observing differences between themselves rather than acknowledging all the similarities. From the beginning of time, people procreated, fed their minds and bodies, and protected their off-spring. Isn’t that similar to what humans do today?




We all want to make a good living to purchase necessities and even frivolous objects to sate our ego. We all want to protect our loved ones and perpetuate our legacies. So why can’t we just accept this commonality and move on with our lives? We don’t need to belittle or bully or compare ourselves with others. Live and let live. Don’t give a hoot about how many “likes” or “friends” you have compared to others. Start appreciating your friends by personally communicating with them.


I am wondering if all this technological communication is good for the soul. Many times the written word is misconstrued. It is difficult to find real meaning and true intentions in written words alone. You need to be present with others, read their body language, listen to the inflections in their voices, and look into their eyes.


Let’s Talk to One Another


Taking the time to actually speak to someone rather than send a text is much more personal. By having these physical connections, one can read between the lines and perhaps save someone who is “screaming” for help. Who knows, you may even save someone’s life!




So in conclusion, don’t be afraid to communicate, especially in person and even when you think it may not be appropriate. You never know when that one little gesture may bring sunshine to someone’s very bleak day.

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