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  • 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues – Garden Tips

    Winter can be very unpredictable. It can be cold and snowy, not-cold-enough, wet and dreary, or a tease with warmth followed by frigid temps. This winter, so far, has been quite a bust for me. I love the snow but unfortunately where I live, we have not had any at all. So yes, I have been in a funk. Most everyone seems to experience the blues during the long, uneventful winter months. (Although, some cultures like Icelandic people actually embrace coziness and warmth during cold weather!) But, unless you live in one of these parts of the world and are accustomed to much shorter days and colder temps, the winter blues can creep in, often when least expected. I have come up with 10 practical ways to help beat the winter blues. And since I am a gardener, these tips all involve some form of gardening. Read on to learn my 10 suggestions to beat the winter blues. (Some of the links within this post are affiliate links on which I receive a small compensation from the sale of certain items with no extra cost to you.) (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) 1. Bring The Outside In Explore the outside and take long cuttings of flowering shrubs and/or trees. Each year in January or early February I cut stems of forsythia and bring them inside. Their buds are very tiny, however when placed in a long vase filled with room temperature water within a week and a half you will have stems in full bloom. They can be placed in a sunny window or even in a north facing room and they will still bloom. I like to place mine on the hearth in our north facing living room. You can also try this with any flowering bush or tree. Forsythia with closed buds. Forsythia with open buds. 2. Make Centerpieces Using Cut Evergreen Stems Brighten up your kitchen or dining room table with a homemade centerpiece. You’ll need groupings of cut stems, hand clippers, wet floral foam, and a container in which to put the pieces. The video below explains how to arrange the boughs. Instead of adding candles, you can go to your local grocery store and buy fresh cut flowers that have more woody stems. The wood stems are easier to stick into the floral foam. Here is a video that teaches how to easily create a simple centerpiece. 3. Display Cut Flowers Add a spot of sunshine to dreary days by adding a flower arrangement on your kitchen table. These can also be added to your bedroom which will bring a smile to your face every time you wake up. You can also place a small vase of a couple of stems in a powder room for guests to enjoy. It is cheaper to purchase your own flowers and arrange them yourself than to buy a bouquet from a floral shop. As I mentioned in my second suggestion, local grocery stores usually offer an assortment of cut flowers. They sometimes have specials so you can purchase a few bunches for less money. Places such as Acme, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Produce Junction all sell fresh cut flowers that are reasonably priced. Below are instructions on how to arrange flowers in a vase from Architectural Digest. Flower Arrangement Instructions Select your flowers. Create a mix of complementary colors and varieties or choose one shade or variety. Choose your vase based on the type of flowers you plan to use and the size and style of arrangement you want to create. Cut the stems at an angle about an inch from the bottom using garden shears. (You may need to cut them shorter depending on the vase.) Remove any leaves that will sit below the water level of the vase. Pour water into the vase. If your flowers came with a preservative solution, add it now. If your don’t have any, you can use a few drops of bleach to kill off any bacteria and keep the flowers fresh. Start by adding the largest flowers first, working in a circle and turning the vase as you go to make sure the arrangement is symmetrical. Layer in the next variety of flower and repeat until all flowers have been added. Finish the arrangement by adding greenery, grasses, or berries. 4. Buy Already Potted Spring Bulbs Almost all the big box stores now have spring bulbs for sale in decorative containers. Put them in a sunny location inside your home and welcome spring. 5. Add a Bird Feeder to Your Backyard Enjoy nature in all its glory by adding a squirrel proof bird feeder to your backyard. Adults and children alike will get hours of entertainment watching our fine feathered friends. Check out the Perky Pet Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder. 6. Take a Walk in Nature So many studies have shown that a walk in nature will lift anyone’s spirits. Soaking up some vitamin D, getting some much needed exercise, and just communing with nature help to calm tension and open our minds. Sounds of nature are also inspiring, so try to ignore the temptation to pop some buds into your ears. When you’re feeling gloomy, bundle up and go take a walk. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel for it. To read some information on what we can learn from plants, click here. 7. Pick Up Sticks In addition to walking in nature, working in nature is also good for the soul. Again, bundle up and start collecting all the branches that have fallen from storms, rake some leaves that were left from the fall, and pick up any unsightly trash that has blown into your yard, or even in your neighborhood! You’ll not only get a good workout but will have tidied up your surroundings and made them more pleasing to see when you gaze outside. 8. Hunt For Clearances Many nurseries and garden centers are clearing out their stock to make room for new spring inventory. Now is a great time to shop the clearance racks. I have collected many unusual artworks, pots, and vases for my garden at this time of year. And, the items are really cheap! For some ideas, shop Etsy sales event. Read my post on unique garden decor here for some unusual ways to decorate your garden. 9. Plan Your Spring Garden There is no time like the present. Get inspired by browsing gardening ideas on Pinterest, go to a book store or library and peruse the garden magazines, and/or research flower shows in your area. The Philadelphia Flower Show is March 2-10. It always inspires me and gets my ideas flowing. Start planning by using a garden planner. Etsy has many garden planners to choose from. If you need guidance in creating a garden, check out my garden consulting services on my site. 10. Let the Sunshine In If you have aged like fine wine, as I hope I am doing, you will remember the musical Hair that debuted in the late 60’s. The group the Fifth Dimension had a big hit with the song, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In“. Whenever I hear that song, which isn’t that often, I conjure up images of beautiful gardens, rolling fields, evergreen forests, and the sun’s rays reflecting on a lake. It seems to always make me happy. My challenge to you is to open up your shades, remove heavy drapery and let the sun shine in. Even on a cloudy day, clear open windows allow light to filter into your home. Seeing the sunlight and if you’re lucky, open space and nature will bring joy to you and make you smile. Did you know smiling can trick your brain into happiness? Well it can. According to NBC, “a smile spurs a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing certain hormones including dopamine and serotonin. ‘Dopamine increases our feelings of happiness. Serotonin release is associated with reduced stress.’ ” So go ahead, let the sun shine in and smile. Final Thoughts – Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Yes, the long, cold, dreary days of winter can wreak havoc on one’s psyche. But there are ways to help beat it, especially if you’re a seasoned gardener or are just a beginner gardener. Try some of the suggestions in this article and see if they help turn that frown upside down. I hope you enjoyed this post and will try some of these ideas. Please leave a comment below and let me know how you made out. Also, share it with friends and family. Happy Gardening, Nina

  • What To Get A Person Who Has Everything-Holiday Ideas

    It’s that time of year again. You rack your brain to try to come up with some unique ideas for a present for friends and family. It’s easy when the people you purchase for are young and not quite established, but what do you get a person who has created a life of abundance for themselves and appears to have everything? Read on for some ideas on what to get a person who has everything. (Some of the links within this post are affiliate links on which I receive a small compensation from the sale of certain items) (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Quality Time Together We are all wrapped up in our own lives. How many directions are you pulled into? Kids? Aging parents? Work? With so many demands put upon us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Personally, I think the best gift for someone who has everything is spending special moments with one another. That is priceless. Below are a list of things you can do with your people. Present them with a beautiful card indicating what you will be doing together including when, where, and how you will be spending time together. Reminiscing while looking through old photos, VHS tapes, or cassettes. Bring over a batch of cookies with a cup of Java from your favorite barista. Or if they are more into imbibing, present them with a bottle of good wine or champagne along with a gift of wine glasses, Amazon Hand Painted Stemless Wine Glasses, or champagne flutes. Spend the day enjoying and revering in the past. Watch a favorite movie together. Again, present them with a card indicating your intentions. If you do not know their favorite movie, introduce them to one of yours. Or have a discussion about different genres and choose one that is agreeable to both of you. Supply the popcorn, snacks, and drinks and wile away the afternoon or evening. Baking cookies and cakes for the upcoming holiday season. Explain to your friend or family member that you will be inviting them to your home one evening or day to create lavish (or not so lavish!) holiday treats. Supply all the ingredients. Once baked, wrap them in colorful cellophane and wrap it with a lovely bow. Put on your favorite tunes and sip some wonderful tea, Shop Amazon, while creating deliciousness. Dance together. So many people are self conscious when it comes to dancing. I personally love to dance and could really care less what others think about me when I do some crazy moves. It’s all about having fun. Set up a time to have a dance-a-thon. Pick out some great dancing tunes on Spotify or some other streaming service and create your own playlist so you can have continuous dancing. Make sure you supply refreshments to quench your thirst! Create Experiences When looking back on the past, what do you remember? Probably some great, or not so great, experiences. How about creating some wonderful adventures with others? Consider these suggestions as a perfect gift for the person who has everything. Adventures. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, select a Groupon adventure to connect with that hard to buy for person. Even if your friend or family member is not a fan of the outdoors, by selecting an appropriate activity you may just open their eyes to a new hobby. Things like zip lining, wacky walks, escape rooms, or boot camps could be fun! Daytripping. Research scenic routes in your area or holiday activities and plan to spend an afternoon taking in the season. Perhaps treating your person to lunch or a happy hour to top the day off would be a good idea. Brisk Hike. Regardless of where you live there is more than likely a scenic walking path close by. Research best hiking trails for your area and I’m sure you’ll find many to choose from ranging from easy to more difficult and short to longer. Pack a lunch in your backpack along with a blanket and you’re all set. One useful app to locate trails is AllTrails. Check it's really helpful! Horseback Riding. When was the last time you were on a horse? Even if you’ve never been, there are places that will saddle up a newbie and/or a more experienced rider. Explore Groupon Homepage Link below for some good deals. Homepage Link Broadway Play. A trip into a major city is always fun. Now that Covid 19 is somewhat under control, especially here in the northeastern part of the United States, Broadway is back on track. If you don’t live close to NYC, there are plenty of local community playhouses that perform current shows. Orchestra/Choir. There is nothing more awesome than experiencing an entire orchestra in a concert hall. You see and hear all the instrumental sections including the softness of the strings, the booming of the brass, the pounding of the percussion and the light whimsy of the reeds and woodwinds. If you’re lucking enough to have a robust choir accompany the orchestra, you’re in for a real treat. This may be a once in a lifetime event that everyone should experience. Commune With Nature When a person is outside enjoying all the beautiful plants, trees, and flowers you cannot help but feel relaxed and content. According to the American Psychological Association, “There is mounting evidence, from dozens and dozens of researchers, that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human well­being,” says Lisa Nisbet, PhD, a psychologist at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, who studies connectedness to nature. “You can boost your mood just by walking in nature, even in urban nature. And the sense of connection you have with the natural world seems to contribute to happiness even when you’re not physically immersed in nature.” Below are a few suggestions that will help your special person become more in tune with nature and help them reduce stress in their lives. Garden Tower Project. This tower teaches you about composting and provides you with the ability to grow 50 plants organically in a 4 square foot area. You can plant indoor herbs and/or flowers. This vertical tower clones a natural ecosystem which allows plants to access nutrients from a recycle compost process. Read a review about the garden tower project by clicking here/ Review of Garden Tower Project. Purchase the Garden Tower Project here. Indoor Plants. Purchase some exotic indoor plants and have them delivered to your special friend. Send along a note with these blogs, All About Indoor Plants, and How To Care For Indoor Plants. These articles will teach your person about indoor plants. Click below for some suggestions. Shop Easy House Plants for Beginners at! Because you CAN have your pets and plants. Shop Pet Friendly Plants at Herb Garden. For the person who loves to cook, purchase one of these culinary garden kits to cultivate delicious herbs without the hassle of having a backyard to grow them in. Gardenuity Herb Collection Gardenuity Cocktail Herb Collection Tours of Gardens; Winery Tours; Holiday Light Tours. There is so much to do outside this time of year. These ideas are just a sample of what can be found to entertain that someone who has everything. Check out the Groupon offers by clicking the homepage link above. Be sure to search tours in your area. Create a Blog. If you know the person you are buying for has an affinity for writing, suggest the person start a blog. There are many platforms to choose from including Wix, WordPress, and Wealthy Affiliate. Try them out and see which best fits your needs. Get Physical. Purchase a trampoline for your special person and their family. 2023 Zupapa Saffun Outdoor Blue Trampoline With Enclosure Final Thoughts-What To Get A Person Who Has Everything Regardless of which suggestion you choose, spending quality time together, creating experiences, communing with nature, or starting a blog, I’m sure your special person will enjoy and appreciate the thought that was put into their gift. Just remember, set the mutual date and time for your gift giving activity and BE SURE TO FOLLOW THROUGH! I hope you enjoyed this article. Please share it with others and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! Happy Gardening! Nina

  • Decorating Outdoor Planters for Christmas

    It’s the time of year to transform your yard into a beautiful winter wonderland. I love the totally natural (not artificial) look. So this post will focus on exchanging the flowers in your current pots and window boxes with fresh boughs of evergreens. It’s easy to create beautiful displays for you, your family and guests to enjoy throughout the Christmas season and beyond. Read on to learn about decorating outdoor planters for Christmas. (Some of the links within this post are affiliate links on which I receive a small compensation from the sale of certain items with no extra cost to you.) (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Happy Foraging Before you begin designing a pot or window box, search your yard for dried out flowers such as hydrangeas and coneflowers. Clip them approximately one and a half feet long. Take clippings from evergreen bushes and trees. Look for a variety of colors like gold thread cypress, golden euonymus, or juniper. In addition to various colors, look for different textures including stiff and soft, along with different needle lengths. Cut some white pine or Douglas fir. Don’t throw away the extra boughs cut from your Christmas tree. Some local tree farms give away the extra boughs they have for free! Use them with Holly or other limbs with berries to add some seasonal color. They will also supply food for our fine feathered friends! For more information on how to attract birds for winter, click here. You will need a lot of clippings to decorate your pots and window boxes. I had an entire trunk of my SUV filled and was able to complete 2 window boxes, one hanging basket, and about 6 pots. I suggest you put a limit on how many displays you would like to create. It is time consuming and requires many, many cuttings. In addition to these clippings below, I had a pile of holly branches. Decorating Outdoor Window Boxes for Christmas Salvage Clippings From Fall Window Boxes If you haven’t already read my post on decorating window boxes for the fall, click here. The post describes how to design a window box using cuttings from nature. Shop Sunnydaze Holiday Sale for Outdoor Pits and Outdoor Heaters You can salvage cattails and plumes of long grasses and reuse them for your winter box. To freshen them up and make them look more wintry, spray paint them with white and gold. Salvaged Plumes and Cattails Spray Painted Plumes and Cattails Clear Out Boxes Once you have removed cuttings that can be reused, discard everything else by placing it in your compost pile. Do not remove the soil. Scratch up the soil and give it a good watering. Design Your Window Box Using the directions in How to Decorate a Window Box for the Fall, begin with the focal point. I purchased a white cabbage for the center of my window box because I knew it would contrast well with the red brick of my home. I then strategically added other cuttings to make the design somewhat symmetrical. Start with the longer stems almost horizontal to the soil level. Push the ends of the stems into the center where your focal point is, fanning them away from it. Continue to add shorter and fuller stems on top of the lower ones until the box is full and lush. I finished it with the spray painted plumes and cattails. Eventually I will create a bow that can be easily made with ribbon and attach it to the center of the window box with floral wire and a twig. (No need to buy florist sticks.) After you have finished making your bow as described in the Youtube video below, twist the remaining wire around a stick where there is a little nub so it does not slide, and then pierce the soil with the stick. Decorating Outdoor Planters for Christmas Clear out your planters of any summer or fall foliage, salvage what you can, then break up the soil and water it well. Using the same process to decorate a window box, create your masterpiece in a pot. If your pot is in front of a wall or fence, add taller stems in the back, placing shorter cuttings as you move toward the front. Make sure you have a focal point of either some holly branches, unusual looking wood, or some stems of berries. Winter pansies work well if you live in a milder climate. They should bloom throughout the winter season. If your pot is the centerpiece, use the thriller, filler, and spiller technique… tall focal point in the center, some shorter stems surrounding it, and then a few pieces that fall gently over the rim of the pot. For more information on placement of plants in pots, click Outdoor Container Garden Ideas. Click and Grow Holiday Sale! Optional Items to Add to Your Pot There are so many items you can add to your creations. Just let your imagination run wild. Objects such as a small, old watering can, a metal star, pine cones, small cement figures, artificial stems of flowers, or even a small bird’s nest will add beauty and interest to your pot. Don’t spend money on twigs purchased from stores. Take a walk in the woods and gather thin stems, bring them home and spray paint them white, red or whatever you fancy. You can also collect thicker branches, cut them to size, and then spray paint them. Spray paint will help preserve them and you can reuse them next year. Give the Gift of Succulents From Succulents Box! Artificial Stems If you do not have access to natural clippings, purchase stems from a Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store or a similar retailer. Remember to purchase multi-colored stems and different sized items. Below is a video on how to create a decorative pot using artificial stems. Final Thoughts – Decorating Outdoor Planters For Christmas You don’t need to break the bank to decorate for the holidays. With a little foraging, (explore your yard and surroundings), along with some spray paint and a little florist wire, you can create beautiful pots and window boxes. Have a picture in mind of how you would like it too look and remember to think symmetry when placing the stems into the pot. I hope you enjoyed this post and realize you can decorate your home without breaking the bank. Please leave a comment below and share this with friends and family. Happy Gardening and Happy Holidays! Nina

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  • Best Gardening For Beginners | garden ideas

    Tasteful Redesigns Garden Consultant In this fast paced world we cherish coming home to a quiet retreat. I can virtually help you transform your yard into a sanctuary by suggesting how to rearrange existing items or create a new look all together. At Tasteful Redesigns Garden Consulting, I'll work with you to help transform your yard or existing garden into an oasis at a minimal cost. Blog Get To Know Me I'm not sure about you, but by the end of the day all I want to do is take a break. Wouldn't it be nice to return to surroundings that relax your body and calm your soul? What better place to do so than in your own private garden oasis. ​ Throughout my life, I've worked to create these moments of peace in my personal backyards, where I can sit and smell the roses. ​ If you're interested in creating a quiet space of your own but lack the time, vision, or inspiration, I can help. After an initial consultation that will touch on your yard's soil type, slope, sun/shade exposures, and your personal preferences, I will create a template to the scale of your yard. It can include shrubs, trees, flowers , different forms of hardscaping , and a list of garden decorations (bistro sets, etc.). I'll also provide detailed instructions on how to maintain and care for your hideaway. Click the e-mail link to book a free consultation. In the mean time, familiarize yourself with the wide variety of options for your yard by browsing my blog. ​ To learn more about my credentials, click here . ​ Email Me Your Space, My Assistance Local Garden Tour I was honored to have my backyard on the Bordentown City garden tour in Spring 2022. Guests were surprised to enter such a cozy and inviting space in a townhouse setting. ​ Travels I have visited many unique gardens across America, France, Spain, Portugal, and others. ​ These travels inspired me, and provided fresh design ideas I will integrate into your personal garden plan. Unique Designs Transforming a blank slate into an inviting garden can be an intimidating feat. That's where I can help. With your input I will design your ideal outdoor space. Once the plan is in place, you can develop the garden at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Client Input Your vision will guide every project I undertake. Together, we can find the perfect combination of trees, shrubs, and flowers that will elevate your space and enhance your yard, no matter the climate or the space's orientation, all at an affordable price. ​ ​ Coming Soon Gardening Quotes Audrey Hepburn "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." ​ Hanna Rion (1874-1924; Popular Garden Writer) "The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses." ​ Thomas Jefferson "No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden." ​ Richard Sheridan (1751-1816) "Won't you come into my garden? I want my roses to see you." Deb My bedroom window looks out over Nina's garden and it starts my day off with a beautiful view! Nina has the ability to combine flowers to make beautiful spaces. Testimonials Pam I am very pleased with the landscaping design that Nina put together for my yard. I've always wanted to create a pollinator garden, but didn't know where to start and what plants would survive the hungry rabbits we have in our area. We had an initial call during which Nina asked a series of questions to fully understand my current landscaping design and what I would like the final design to look like. Nina then promptly put together a comprehensive, custom landscaping design including a set of visual plans, detailed instructions on transplanting existing plants and caring for new ones, and a handy 'shopping list' of suggested plants to purchase. I now feel like I have the tools I need to implement the landscaping plan I've always wanted but was unable to develop on my own. I would highly recommend Nina and her services! Coming Soon Coming Soon

  • BLOG | gardeningforbeginner

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