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Thank you for visiting my site! On my blog you'll find detailed information not only on how to start a garden, but how to cultivate and maintain it. I also explore different types of gardens, great gardening ideas and how to decorate a garden to make it a beautiful oasis.  In addition, I share seasonal decor and the occasional self reflection. So I invite you to start browsing and enjoy!


Did you know Best Gardening For Beginners offers garden plans for your yard?


These include a comprehensive custom design, detailed maps, and shopping lists.


Detailed instructions on how to plant and transplant foliage and how to care for your garden are also provided.


After receiving the client's input, I design a garden specific to their needs.

Recent News/Deals

The USDA recently updated their hardiness zones. For more information, click here.

New information on asbestos in the water supply. Click here for a guide to protecting your health.

Learn 8 ways to reduce exposure to asbestos. Click here to read about environmental effects from asbestos.

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Go to SeedsNow for all your growing needs.

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